Saturday, September 29, 2007

Let's Play Ball

Okay, so it is not a baseball but Andrew is a big fan of the golf ball. It is the perfect size for his hand. This video of Dave's attempt to teach Andrew how to play ball. He is getting better each day and it entertains him for quite sometime.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Go Cougs!

So I wanted to post these pictures of Andrew from the first home game but I never got around to it so I thought this would be a good time because of BYU's win over Air Force today. The games was fun. It started to rain during the fourth quarter so we left because, even though we could keep Andrew pretty dry he was not a fan of the rain. We made another discovery at the game, Andrew's other bottom tooth has broken the gum. Thank goodness his cranky demeanor and runny nose this week can be attributed to the tooth!

Monday, September 17, 2007

A Toothy Grin

Teeth have been on our minds lately. Andrew's new tooth is getting big and I think his top ones could be coming in soon. His gums are pretty swollen and he was pretty cranky today.

Dave is on a first name basis with the dentist. Funny, but very true. I called to schedule another appointment for Dave the other day and all I said was "my husband" and she said "okay, we will set that appointment up for David" Over the weekend, one of Dave's two temporary, white crown fell out and he bit it in half so now he sporting the bling for the next two weeks.

Andrew Clapping

Here is the video, I hope this works.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

He's finally got it!

So Andrew has been trying to clap for the past couple of weeks and he finally realized that when we tell him to clap he can do the action. I think it is so cute, espescially because he is doing it all the time now. He likes to clap when he hears clapping so he is clapping all day long with the tv on.

Here is a picture of Andrew in a new outfit, sitting on our new ottoman. We are really excited about the new purchase!

Monday, September 10, 2007

San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo was probably our favorite part of the trip. We went two days. These are pictures from our second day because unfortunatly I left the camera in the car the first.

These pictures are from the best exhibit at the zoo. The panda bears were so awesome. The first day we went on of the panda's was at the top of the tree, reaching out to some bamboo. It was the ultimate photo opportunity but these pics will have to do.

Andrew has become such a cheese for the camera. The moment we pull it out he is all smiles. This first picture is from the hippo exhibit and the next one is of Andrew sitting on the polar bear sculpture. After San Diego we went up to L.A. and went to the Angels game and the BYU vs. UCLA game. The camera died before we went up there so I didn't get any pictures but the whole experience was a lot of fun. I am glad to be home though. I need a routine!


So we got back yesterday from our vacation to California. It was tons of fun and I am very sad to be back to reality. I feel even worse for Dave because he had to go back to work! Here are some pictures from the vacation.

We started off our trip by stopping in Las Vegas to spend time with Janet and Aaron. We visited the Shark Reef Aquarium. Andrew wasn't that interested but it was so much fun to watch his cousins, Ben, Luke and Zack enjoy it so much. It got me so excited for when Andrew is older. It makes me wonder what he will be interested in. This is a picture of Andrew and Zack strolling through the exhibit.

Then on Tuesday morning we drove to Aliso Veijo to visit Nathan and Emily Judd. It was so fun to see them. They moved last December when Nathan graduated from BYU. Their little boy Easton is so big. His personality is darling and I can see a lot of similarities between him and Andrew. After hanging out with them and going to dinner we were off to San Diego. Of course Andrew had enough of being in the car by the time we arrived and unfortunatly, we go a little lost. It was a rough end to our first evening. The next day, Wednesday, we decided to go to Sea World. We had to find a place to eat first and we randomly drove right to a Denny's. I was so excited that something worked out perfectly that I had to take a picture!

Then we were off to Sea World. It was a lot of fun. It was hot though and Dave and I both got sunburned. Don't worry, we were smart enough to put sunscreen all over Andrew. These pictures are from the Shamu show. We went to all the shows, one right after another. The craziest thing was when we went to the Seal and Otter show. There were a bunch of camera people around before the show started. Dave and I noticed but had no idea why. Then before the show officially started one of the actresses had Gene Simmons come out of the audience to meet the seal. If anyone knows why Gene Simmons was there and for what they were taping him, let us know!

The next day we went to the beach. We didn't stay too long because all Andrew really wanted to do was to eat the sand. We took some photos and then went back to the hotel because our pool was really nice and Andrew loved swimming in it. Andrew is trying to get the computer away from me so I will have to blog about the zoo and the rest of our trip later!