Monday, May 10, 2010

8 Months

Camille turned 8 months on Saturday. Camille's 7th month was full of development. She began crawling and now can also stand up on everything. She has begun to let go but can only last a few seconds. She also has just started cruising around furniture. She is growing up way to fast!

Camille also got some more teeth. Her first tooth came during her sixth month but since then has been working hard on more. She has both bottom teeth. When you look at the top of her mouth you can see all four top teeth but the only one really broken through is the top left (not the center ones). We had to work hard for a picture at this is all we got.

Despite a a torture week when that tooth broke she is still her happy go lucky self. She is such a Daddy's girl and will crack up laughing when she hears Dave's voice.