Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Picture Updates

Life is crazy here (counting down to the wedding and Christmas) but I wanted to post so all know that we are alive and well...

We are trying to get into the Christmas spirit. Here are the kids making rice krispie wreaths. Andrew decided to go with a Christmas bush instead.

Here is Camille doing what she does best, trying on shoes. Her first word was shoe, she is definitely a girl. In this particular picture she is wearing a gorgeous pair of shoes that I scored at Kohls for $5. I love a good deal.

This last picture is mainly for my mom. As I am one month away from being 27, I guess the old age has set in and I needed some glasses. They are really just for driving at night but I like the new accessory. Now if I could only wear them while I am walking and not feel like the floor is slanted!