Monday, April 12, 2010

Clawson babies can crawl normally....

So Camille officially started crawling today. She has been very close for about a week. This morning right after she woke up I took her downstairs and put her on the floor. Andrew had left out a deck of cards he got from Chuck-E-Cheese over the weekend and she just took off for them. Right now she only uses the crawling to get something she really really wants, which is mostly Andrew's toys. I guess he better learn to keep his toys off the ground. Here is a video of Camille crawling. Please ignore my annoying voice. It sounds even weirder than normal because I have a cold.

(A side note, we went to Chuck-E-Cheese this weekend to officially celebrate Andrew's being completely potty trained. He has been a pro without diapers for a couple weeks but we just got around to celebrating. The final answer to the problem, get rid of diapers for good. Once he didn't have the option he figured he had to learn how to use the potty.)

Here is a picture of me and the kids for my mom and dad, to prove that we are alive and well!