Monday, April 20, 2009

The Peacemaker

Sorry I have not put up Easter yet. I have pictures but it is like my camera weighs a thousand pounds or something because it can not make it upstairs to the computer!

On Sunday morning I was sitting on the bed finishing up my primary lesson and Dave had just gotten out of the shower. Andrew was across the hall in the toy room playing. Dave comes into the bedroom and jokingly threatens to jump into my side of the bed soaking wet! Now all who know me know I have a weird love for my bed. It has to be perfectly made and I can never switch sides with Dave. So in response to his threat I yelped "NO!!!" Andrew comes across the hall into the bedroom and before he even makes it into the room I can hear him say "Don't fight" We both quickly apologized for fighting! It is nothing like a two year old to remind you to keep the peace!