Saturday, May 24, 2008

Be Prepared...and Organized

So last Saturday Dave and I were finally able to organize our basement. We had been storing Tim and Rachel's furniture and food storage, and although we were sad to see them leave, I am so happy to have an organized basement.

This is our years worth of food storage plus some. I finally feel like I can actually go downstairs and rotate what we have.

This is a picture of what looks like a bunch of boxes and trashbags under the basement stairwell. These bags/boxes are full of boys clothing size 0-12 months only! None of which were purchased by Dave and I. All of Andrews clothes are in a small plastic bin in his room. I have to say we are very blessed to not have to buy a lot of clothes because of all of Andrew's cousins but I will also say I can't wait for a Clawson to get pregnant with a boy!!!

This is the rest of our stuff. It takes up such a small amount of space in the basement and I love it! Can you tell that I love to have an organized house? Even in the space were I hardly ever go I like to know that I could find something in it within seconds.

I hope everyone has a great memorial day weekend. Dave and I started ours off right by dropping Andrew off at my sisters and staying at the Blue Boar Inn for the night. If you have never been there you have to go. The dinner at the inn was one of the most expensive I have ever had but it was the best food I have ever had!

Monday, May 19, 2008


So on Mother's Day we went to my in-laws for a little party. We all sat outside in their backyard to eat and play. In their backyard they have a plastic Little Tikes slide. Andrew was in heaven. Since then I have been searching on KSL for one of these slides. I have found a few but they have literally sold out, at the most, within 1 hour of being posted. On Saturday morning we went garage sale hunting for one but had no luck. Then we came home, put Andrew down for a nap and I got on KSL and found one. It was in Saratoga and I called and went and picked it up. The lady I bought it from said that it had only been posted 10 minutes when I called and that she received two phone calls for it while I was on the phone with her. Talk about luck. Andrew absolutly loves the slide. He climbs to the top then says "weeeee" as he slides down over and over again.

We had a great weekend of lots of sliding. Unfortunatly when I went to wake up Andrew this morning (because he was sleeping an exceptionally long time) I found his bed covered in throw up and he has been throwing up all morning. It is awful, I just put him down for a nap so hopefully he can get some rest and begin feeling better. It is so sad when babies are sick!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Go Jazz, Go!

The preceding picture is of Sunday's paper. Study it closely as I tell you this story. The newspaper has been stored to the side of the couch all week. Each day Andrew finds this section and brings it to me and says ball. Now, as you can see, there is not a single ball on this page. Either we are doing something clearly wrong in raising Andrew or he is a huge Jazz fan. I hope it is the later.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

One Man's Trash is another Man's...

Treasure? Just kidding. Dave is loves garage sales. So this Saturday morning we went to breakfast (that is one of the deals, we go to sales if Dave takes me out to breakfast) and then hit up the garage sales taking place on our street. Here are some of our purchases...

Dave actually bought this recliner last week for $10. He purchased it to put in the loft. If you have been to my house you may think, is there really room for a recliner in the loft? Yes, there is. It blocks the direct path from the two other bedrooms to the extra bathroom but since we only use that bathroom to bath Andrew it isn't a big deal. I love how it has created a second living space in our house. At least three nights a week we are upstairs watching Braves games on the computer anyways so it is nice to have a place to sit.

The basketball hoop was purchased for $.50. (Thankyou Lacey's cousins/aunt and uncle). Andrew is in heaven. We just used double sided tape and put it up in our "second living space" a.k.a. the loft. Now he will just come up to me and say mall (in Andrew that means ball) and I know he wants to go upstairs and shoot some hoops.

This last item was given to us from the same people that the basketball hoop was purchased from. It is a remote control snake. Andrew hasn't figured out how to push the buttons very well yet but lets just say Dad loves it, espescially because it kind of freaks Andrew out.

Stay tuned for more exciting garage sale purchases as I am sure there are more to come because the summer has just began.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Lets Hear it for the Boys...

Sorry it has been so long since I blogged. I had one of those weeks that I didn't feel anything much happpened. Andrew finally cut his last molar. Thank goodness. His front four top and bottom teeth came in when he was about 8 months and I thought to myself, this teething thing isn't that bad. Then came the molars! Fevers, runny noses and the worst no more sleeping through the night. Thursday night was the worst, he started waking up at 2:30, waking up every half hour until 5 am and then decided he was up for the day. I could not get him to go down for his first nap until 9:15 am. Lets just say it was a long day. Thank goodness for Dave's willingness to get up with Andrew in the night!

On Saturday night we babysat my sister Mandy's kids overnight. She has two girls 5 and 3 and they were great. Everyone slept through the night which made it even better.

Okay, now to just some random thoughts. As mother's day comes up all I can think about is how I would not be a good mom without my wonderful husband. He is the best dad. I love how Andrew and him get along so well. They totally have the same personality. For example, I was sitting at the computer yesterday when Dave came up behind me pretended to eat my back, just like he would to a little kid. Andrew thought that was the greatest thing he had ever seen and just loves to sneak up behind me now. It just cracks me up how well they get along. Posted above are some of my favorite picks of them together! I have so many of just the two of them that I already have to scrapbook pages dedicated to just pics of father and son.